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  The Walsumer Hof in the media
Matthias has made his way to the media in the last years.
They call him “the Asterix from Lower Rhine” and “The last Landlord”.
Not long ago there has been an estate called Oberdorf in the neighborhood –
then the power plant was built…
The Walsumer Hof is a refuge – der Spiegel entitled it as one of
the most bizarre places in Germany.

This media library offers you the whole story about Walsumer Hof
and why this place is so special.
*All reports in german language



  •     TV report from 12/09/2011 at the magazine 'Drehscheibe (ZDF)'
  •     TV report from 09/06/2011 'Das Pannenkraftwerk' und seine Anwohner at 'Lokalzeit (WDR)'


Other online reports:


Video reportage from 18/08/2011
“Asterix from the Lower Rhine” on the online portal of the WAZ ‘Der Westen’

Video Reportage

Photo reportage from 14/08/2011
“The last host” at Spiegel Online

Online Reportage

Deutschlandradio Kultur from 03/04/2012
Country reportage: “Right behind the power plant” complete audio-stream

Radio Reportage

Blog article :: Fish in the Walsumer Hof
In his culinary blog ‘GENUSSBEREIT’ author P.Krauskopf travels to the Walsumer Hof.

Blog Article

Rote Schürze-Muscheln scharf & exotisch
TV report from 16/11/2013 in ‘Lokalzeit aus Duisburg (WDR)’

TV Report